Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just so the Gummy Bears are not the first thing you see

So I haven't written on here in a long while. Work has been pretty busy and now that it is slowing down I can honestly say, I'm just lazy. Things in Colorado are going fantastic for us. We are really going to find out about our future in Fort Collins within the next week or so, kinda scary.

I guess we'll see what happens. I'm so vague it's sneaky!

I know lame post, but at least the gummy bears are not the first thing that you see when you come to my blog anymore, right?


Tim and Amy said...

And thank goodness for that! Enough gummy bears! Thanks for posting.. and yes! Hopefully the next couple days will tell us more about our future.

riggsfam said...

Ummm...I just checked this randomly and expected to see the gummy bear thing like always. Now I'm curious about what you guys were finding out about your lives...Amy's job??? something else that I'm not clued in to??

Paola said...

Pedicures are apparently amazing. Pricey...but suprisingly refreshing.

Anonymous said...
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