Monday, October 01, 2007

Gummi Bears

Does anyone remember this? I think this was my favorite Saturday cartoon!!! I even tried to make gummy bear juice once, it just went bad.


jill s said...


Anonymous said...

you should update this blog more often...

people enjoy reading it.
i know i do.

how have you been anyway?
getting cold in CO?


Tim & Amy said...

ok who's anonymous?

Tim & Amy said...

nice try Amy

sPAtzLeEaTerS said...

mmmmmm gummy bears. sucks you won't be here for christmas. I found a real scorpion made into a belt buckle. I know it't going to be the coveted white elephant this year; way better that dinner for two to Chuck-A- Rama like last year.

Paola said...

HEY! I never did watch this. But I have a few old shows that will tak you down memory lane:
-Reading Rainbow
-The Bloodhound Gang
-Fraggle Rock
-CARE Bears
-Rainbow something (a bunch of little doll girls that had rainbow powers)
-Duck Tails
Now on to old movies:
-Wizard (remember...Califooorniaa)
-Short Circut!