Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wake Boarding Sooooo Fun

Amy and I went wake boarding yesterday. I had a great time. Hopefully Amy did too. We did take a few pictures and she was smiling so that's gotta tell me something, right? I just had a few thoughts on my experience yesterday wake boarding. I learned how to get a little higher when jumping the wake. Remember that I haven't been in 2 or 3 years so I was a little nervous. I jumped in the water thinking, wow this water is cold. Well that only lasted a few seconds because I can warm up water really fast when I'm in a lake. So I strap on the board and grab the ski rope. When the rope tightened I thought to myself, I wonder how much pain I'll be in tomorrow? (As it turns out today I can't move my head to the left, but more about that in a moment). The boat lunged forward and I found myself being pulled forward out of the water. Finally, I thought, I'm up! I felt pretty confident as I fixed my shorts that were hiked up like a water filled sumo diaper and proceeded to go outside the wake. The water was a little choppy as I crossed the wake of the boat and arranged myself to go back for a jump. As I approached the lip of the wake at full speed it occurred to me that I wasn't really sure what I'm doing and as I hit the wake my board went up and my toes went forward.
Some of you are probably picturing this scene and imagining that I looked really cool jumping across the wake face first. Allow me to fix your horribly misinterpreted image. I hit the water with my toes and amazingly enough, that sent my face towards the water - probably at, well I dunno 176.896 miles per hour. It was fast enough that I didn't get a chance to close my eyes. I would go on to explain how it feels to hit the water at an incredible amount of speed eyes first but I'm just going to let you ponder the scenario. I guess it looked cool, so it was worth it!!!

Maybe I'll try to get some pictures posted on here of the fun evening at the Lake! Oh, by the way my eyes are fine, not even a mark. But I have to sit with my head tilted to one side to see my computer today at work. Just kidding :0)


amy said...

glad you had fun too! it was perfect weather and eventually we got perfect water. glad you aren't feeling it too bad.

love ya!

riggsfam said...

Wake boarding can be dangerous! Glad you survived! Haha. Too bad you don't have a video of your wipeout!

Traci said...

fun! Glad to see a pic of Amy!! I have never done that before. Hope your eyes and neck feel better!

riggsfam said...

Thanks for posting the pic of Amy since she didn't put one on the other blog! Looking good, Amy!

jill s said...

hello! i seriously forgot about your blog!!

LOVE that picture of amy in action!:)

Snowy said...

Good post.